I consulted with several jewelers when I started looking into creating the most important piece of jewelry in my life, even though I have a jeweler in my family. I knew I found the right people for the love of my life’s special ring the first time I met Mary and Tia. Mary and Tia both heard what I wanted and were able to help lead me in designing a ring far greater than anything I could have ever imagined. And they did it quickly, kindly, and professionally.


My engagement ring is the most incredible testament to Justin and I’s love. After our engagement, I knew I equally wanted to offer a ring of such unique and incredible craftsmanship. Mary and Tia invested themselves in my vision, with their creativity, but with him in mind while paying attention to details I would have never considered. They make you feel like family.

The rings on our fingers will always be a symbol of our dedication to one another, but to have Mary and Tia’s hands behind them -- we couldn’t feel more thrilled for their being part of our story forever. 


We only plan on buying one set of engagement rings for the rest of our lives, but we know that when we begin looking for something special for an anniversary, we’ll be getting in touch with the Gem Syndicate.



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