Pavé Setting Styles

The Gem Syndicate would like to create the exact bespoke piece of jewelry for you. The process of designing your dream piece of jewelry is exciting and allows you to be in control of selecting the design elements that you love. We pride ourselves in using the finest metals, top of the line “setting” styles along with top notch finishing. Our jewelry designs have evolved from our passion for meaning behind the gift of jewelry. We have put together this guide to help give you a visual aid in some of the little design elements that you will have to select from. Please feel free to ask about any additional elements if you do not see them listed here. French Pavé: French Pavé is a lovely and bright “hand cut” pavé style.  The metal is “engraved” with a sharp tool called a graver and it cuts a diamond-cut bright “V” edge...
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And our journey continues…

As the world markets shift, sometimes, at such a rate, we’re a little dazed, each industry must be ever evolving. In our industry, with over 30 combined years of wholesale and retail experience, we decided to shift our focus from the brick and mortar store to the e-commerce side of business. Trailblazing a path … Read More >

Education and Tid-Bits: Sapphire

At the Gem Syndicate, we strive to capture the truest representation of the gemstone’s natural coloring and characteristics. We have professional lighting, a special light diffusing photography box and a digital camera along with an awesome macro lens… Read More >

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