Finished Jewelry and Custom! We do it for you with our gemstones!

There is nothing that we love more than a big, juicy pink tourmaline set into rich 18k yellow gold, then add some diamonds for the perfect POP!  …
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And our journey continues…

As the world markets shift, sometimes, at such a rate, we’re a little dazed, each industry must be ever evolving. In our industry, with over 30 combined years of wholesale and retail experience, we decided to shift our focus from the brick and mortar store to the e-commerce side of business. Trailblazing a path … Read More >

Capturing Gemstone Color

At the Gem Syndicate, we strive to capture the truest representation of the gemstone’s natural coloring and characteristics. We have professional lighting, a special light diffusing photography box and a digital camera along with an awesome macro lens… and we decided not to use it. Read More >

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