Capturing Gemstone Color

At the Gem Syndicate, we strive to capture the truest representation of the gemstone’s natural coloring and characteristics. We have professional lighting, a special light diffusing photography box and a digital camera along with an awesome macro lens… and we decided not to use it.

We compared 100’s of different images and videos. Some were taken with our fancy camera and lens. Some with an iPhone camera and some with a Google Pixel camera. The truest color was coming from the Google Pixel smart phone. Yes, a smart phone. And with the help of a small clip-on macro lens and a fill in light, we found our method.

Here is what it looks like:
So, we shot our ENTIRE inventory on that phone.

We are constantly learning and growing. Over the last year, while shooting over 2800 videos and still images, our techniques have only gotten better. We are continually going through the site, updating old images and videos with newer, better ones.

Gemstones under 15mm are shot using the macro lens attachment. The results are, at minimum, 15x magnified beautiful, clear pictures. Because of this intense magnification, you can see everything. All the naturally occurring inclusions, silk and unique characteristics that you wouldn’t see with the naked eye.

Here are a few examples of capturing gemstone color, with the 15 x magnification vs. no magnification.


1.62ct Round Natural Peach Sapphire Sku # 63.10.000 Before and after magnification:

1.66ct Oval Natural Peach Sapphire Sku # 63.20.006 Before and after magnification:

Some examples of different clarity characteristics that you may see would include silk-like strands in these pink tourmaline:

These Oregon Sunstones have a phenomenon called aventurescence. Which means you see the shiller (copper platelets in feldspar reflecting in the light) in the stone:

Each and every characteristic within these gemstone creates a one-of-a-kind selection.

While most loose gemstone e-commerce websites use photo-shop on all images, we have worked very hard to ensure un-touched photos and videos. The ONLY editing we do to the images is filter for noise in the background and adding our watermark. You can follow our youtube channel @ to see our newest items uploaded to inventory, or simply browse all videos in one place.

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